Mission Number 37


  1. Date: 19 February 1945
  2. Code Name: Enkindle #4
  3. Target: Tokyo (357) - Nakajima A/C Plant, Musashino
  4. Participating Units: 73rd and 313th Bombardment Wings
  5. Number A/C Airborne: 150
  6. % A/C Bombing Primary: 0  (0 primary, 119 secondary, 7 last resort, and 5 opportunity)
  7. Time Over Secondary: 191549K - 191647K
  8. Altitude of Attack: 24,500 - 30,000
  9. Weather Over Target: 5/10 and haze cirrus deck
  10. Total A/C Lost:  6
  11. Resume of Mission:  Cloud cover over primary necessitated bombing of secondary, Tokyo Urban Area, by radar.  Damage assessment amounted to 800,900 square feet of the Target area.  Thirteen early returns, eight of which bombed Targets of opportunity and last resort.  One aircraft ditched on return, two aircraft lost to enemy action by ramming, one aircraft missing to unknown reasons, two aircraft destroyed on return to base when one crashed and collided with a parked aircraft.  Enemy air opposition heavy - 570 attacks.  Enemy aircraft destroyed thirty nine, probably destroyed sixteen and thirty seven damaged.  AA moderate to intense, inaccurate to accurate.  Some air-to-air bombing reported.  Average bomb load 6860 lbs, 73rd Wing, 5439 lbs.  313th Wing.  Average fuel reserve 955 gallons.






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