Mission Number 123


  1. Date:  29 April 1945
  2. Code Name: Famish #5
  3. Target:   Kanoya East A/F     90.38-2516
  4. Participating Unit: 313th Bombardment Wing
  5. Number A/C Airborne: 15
  6. % A/C Bombing Primary: 93.24%    (14 A/C)
  7. Time Over Primary: 290821K - 290822K
  8. Altitude of Attack: 14,000   - 14,500
  9. Weather Over Target: 0/10 hazy
  10. Total A/C Lost: 0
  11. Resume of Mission: Bombing results were excellent.  Sixty percent of bombs within 1000 ft of MPI.  Approximately 1/3 of visible smoke in hangar area.  Damage obscured by smoke.  One squadron's bombs dropped in open country 1.5 miles south of MPI.  Twenty five enemy aircraft executed fifteen attacks, taking full advantage of the sun.  Eight phosphorus bombs were dropped in pairs.  Enemy aircraft destroyed five, probably destroyed three and six damaged.  AA was reported as heavy, medium, meager, inaccurate and pointed.  Average bomb load 11,513 lbs.  Average gas reserve 778 gallons.






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