Mission Number 161



Date:   10 May 1945 

Code Name:  Neckcloth #7 

Target:  Miyazaki A/F (PV)     30.38-25 29 

Participating Unit:  313th Bombardment Wing 

Number A/C Airborne:  11 

% A/C Bombing Primary:  63%  (7 primary and 1 opportunity) 

Time Over Primary:  100906K 

Altitude of Attack:  19,000 

Weather Over Target:  CAVU 

Total A/C Lost:  0 

Resume of Mission:  Crews reported all bombs fell in Target area, S and W of runway intersection.  Number of bursts in building area.  Pattern approximately 4400 ft. long.  Three A/C non-effective.  One B-29 damaged by A/A.  No E/A sighted.  No claims.  Four A/C landed at Iwo Jima.  Average Bomb Load:  12,335 lbs.  Average fuel reserve:  701 gallons.






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