Mission Number 186


  1. Date:  29 May 1945
  1. Target:  Yokohama Area
  1. Participating Units:  58th, 73rd, 313th and 314th Wings
  1. Number A/C Airborne:  510
  1. % A/C Bombing Primary:  90.8%  (454 primary and 21 opportunity)
  1. Time Over Primary:  291014K  - 291129K
  1. Altitude of Attack:  17,500  - 21,000
  1. Weather Over Target:  9/10 cloud coverage
  1. Total A/C Lost:  7
  1. Resume of Mission:  Available photos indicated excellent bombing results.  A total of 6.9 square miles of the city were burned and destroyed.  A total of 2569.6 tons of bombs were dropped on the primary Target and 105.6 tons on Targets of opportunity.  Thirty-five A/C were non-effective.  Fighter opposition consisted of 55 A/C sighted making 110 attacks.  Claims were 6-5-10.  Flak was heavy, meager to intense, accurate to inaccurate, and shot down 3 B-29’s.  The B-29’s were escorted by 101 P-51’s.  Two P-51’s were lost over the Target.  One B-29 was intentionally rammed.  Two A/C ditched.  Thirty-nine A/C landed at Iwo Jima.  Average Bomb Load:  12,040 lbs.  Average Fuel Reserve:  811 gallons.





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