Mission Number 189


  1. Date:  7 June 1945
  1. Target:  Osaka Urban Area
  1. Participating Units:  58th, 73rd, 313th and 314th Bombardment Wings
  1. Number A/C Airborne:  449
  1. % A/C Bombing Primary Target:  89.98%  (409 primary and 9 opportunity)
  1. Type of Bombs and Fuzes:  #-46, non-delay nose, various tail settings: T4E4, various nose and tail settings: E-48, non-delay nose, various tail settings: AN-M47A2, instantaneous nose and non-delay tail: AN-M46, 1/10 sec. nose and 1/100 sec. tail: AN-M65- 1/100 sec. nose and tail: AN-M64, 1/100 sec. nose and tail.
  1. Tons of Bombs Dropped:  2593.6 primary and 58.6 opportunity.
  1. Time Over Primary:  071209K  -  171328K
  1. Altitude of Attack:  17,900  -  23,150
  1. Weather Over Target:  8/10  -  10/10
  1. Total A/C Lost:  2
  1. Resume of Mission:  Strike attack photographs indicated 2.21 square miles had been destroyed bringing the total to Date from the Command’s Strikes to 13.46 square miles or 22.5% of the built-up portion of the city.  Thirty-one A/C were non-effective.  Fighter opposition was nil to meager, with 10 E/A sighted making 30 attacks.  Claims were 0-0-3.  Flak over the Target was heavy, nil to meager, and inaccurate.  Seven B-29’s were damaged by flak.  Fighter escort was provided by 144 P-51’s.  Fighter claims were 2-0-1.  Fifty-nine A/C landed at Iwo Jima.  The 2 B-29’s were lost to mechanical reasons.  One P-51 caught fire near Iwo Jima.  Average Bomb Load:  13,182 lbs.  Average Fuel Reserve:  544 gallons.




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