Mission Number 259


  1. Date:  9/10 July 1945
  1. Target:  Wakayama Urban Area
  1. Participating Unit:  313th Bombardment Wing
  1. Number A/C Airborne:  109
  1. % A/C Bombing Primary:  99.9%  (108 A/C)
  1. Type of Bombs and Fuzes:  AN-M47A2, 100# incendiary cluster with instantaneous nose: and AN-M17A1, 500# incendiary cluster with nose set to open at 5000 above Target.
  1. Tons of Bombs Dropped:  800.3
  1. Time Over Primary:  100058K  - 100258K
  1. Altitude of Attack:  10,200  - 11,600 feet
  1. Weather Over Target:  1/10
  1. Total A/C Lost:  0
  1. Resume of Mission:  Results were unobserved to excellent.  Crews attacking during latter part of strike reported intense fires throughout the city, with smoke columns rising to 20,000 feet.  Large explosions and white flashes were reported.  Severe turbulence was encountered over Target area.  The Target was visible to 97 A/C and not visible to 11 A/C.  Flak was medium and AW fire was meager and inaccurate.  No S/ L’s were reported.  10 E/A sighted made no attacks.  One B-29 was non-effective.  One A/C landed at Iwo Jima.  Average Bomb Load:  14,617 lbs.  Average Fuel Reserve:  951 gallons.



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