Mission Number 289


  1. Date: 24 July 1945
  2. Target: Mitsubishi A/C Plant (90.20 - 1141) Fuji Textile Plant and Toyowa Heavy
    Industries at Nagoya (90.20 - 2140) City of Tsu (PR) (90.24)
  3. Participating Unit: 314th BW
  4. Number A/C Airborne: 81
  5. % A/C Bombing Primary: 92.59% (75 A/C)
  6. Type of Bombs and Fuzes: AN-M56, 4000# L.C. and AN-M64, 500# G.P. each fuzed with instantaneous nose and non-delay tail. 
  7. Tons of Bombs Dropped: 298 tons on Primary and 5 tons on Opportunity. 
  8. Time Over Primary: 241138K - 241154K
  9. Altitude of Attack: 18,000 - 22,600
  10. Weather Over Target: 10/10
  11. Total A/C Lost: 0
  1. Resume of Mission: The 75 A/C bombed the Primary radar Target, since the Primary visual Target was not visible.  Reconnaissance revealed that this strike and Mission Number 288 damaged .217 sq. mi., bringing the total damage to Date to .238 sq. mi. Six A/C were non-effective.  In the Nagoya area flak was heavy, meager, and inaccurate.  Meager, heavy, accurate and inaccurate fire in Kyoto area.  Nine A/C were damaged by AA.  Four E/A sighted made no attacks.  One Weather Control A/C not included in total.  Fifteen B-29s landed at Iwo Jima.  Average bomb load: 9,032 lbs. Average fuel reserve: 676 gallons. 


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