Mission Number 314


  1. Date: 5/6 August 1945
  2. Target: Nishinomiya - Mikage Urban Area ( 90.25 )
  3. Participating Units: 73rd BW and 314th BW
  4. Number A/C Airborne: 261
  5. % A/C Bombing Primary: 95.78% (250 Primary and 3 Opportunity)
  6. Type of Bombs and Fuzes: M19 and M17, 500# incendiary clusters set to open 5000 feet above the Target, T4E4, 500# fragmentation clusters set to open 3000 feet below A/C, M47 100# incendiary bombs with instantaneous nose, M64, 500# G.P. bombs with variable proximity noses and non-delay tail fuzings. 
  7. Tons of Bombs Dropped: 2003.9 tons on Primary and 23.8 tons on Opportunity.
  8. Time Over Primary: 060125K - 060201K
  9. Altitude of Attack: 12,600 - 16,000
  10. Weather Over Target: 0/10 - 8/10
  11. Total A/C Lost: 1
  1. Resume of Mission: Photo reconnaissance indicated 32% of the city has been destroyed.  Fifty-four A/C made visual sightings and 196 by radar.  Eight A/C were non-effective.  The A/C lost ditched after 2 engines went out.  Twelve on board were rescued.  Total A/C airborne does not include 4 RCM and 2 Wind-Run A/C. Seventeen A/C of the 314th Wing acted as Pathfinders.  Flak was heavy, medium and light, meager to intense and inaccurate.  Ground-to-air rockets and barrage balloons were observed.  S/L's were numerous and active.  Five bombers were damaged by AA.  Twenty-five to 30 E/A sighted made 8 attacks.  No claims.  Twenty-four B-29s landed at Iwo Jima.  Average bomb load: 73rd BW, 16,861 lbs. 314th BW, 16,565.  Average fuel reserve: 73rd BW - 635 gallons, 314th BW - 555 gallons. 

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