20th Air Force B-29 Crew Roster


Last                           First                       City                                                State  Unit

Pace                          Frank                      Dover                                              OH     40th

Padgett                      Jack                       Decatur                                           TN      9th

Padgurski                   Herman                   Laughlin                                          NV      468th

Paff                            John G                    Wisconsin Rapids                            WI      330th

Pafford                       James B.                Columbus                                        OH     468th

Page                          John R.                   Devon                                              PA      444th

Pagel                         James F.                 Granite Cpo                                     CO     40th

Pagliero                     Gerald J.                 Vista                                               CA      444th

Paine                         Dewitt T.                 Carson                                            CA      498th

Paine                         John R.                   Arcadia                                           CA      330th

Painter                       Ernest                     Madison                                          FL      29th

Pakka                        O.V.                       Golden                                            CO     468th

Palek                         Paul A.                   Cedar Grove                                     NJ      497th

Palm                          Curtis L.                  New Brighton                                   MN     444th

Palmer                       Charles                   Gilmer                                             TX       330th

Palmer                       Donald W.               Rocklin                                            CA      509th

Palmer                       Ferrel                      Russellville                                      AR      330th

Palmer                       John                       Sarasota                                         FL      498th

Palmer                       Millard A.                Fairfax                                             VA      498th

Palmer                       Richard A.               Downey                                           CA      330th

Palmer                       Walter A.                Waycross                                        GA     504th

Palus                         J.                            Lititz                                               PA      315th

Pampuch                   Ed                          Pittsburgh                                        PA      500th

Panasci                     Frank P                   New Hyde Park                                NY      499th

Pancake                    Frank R.                  Staunton                                         VA      315th

Panciello                    Carmen                   West Orange                                   NJ      6th

Pangallo                     Dominic                  Greenwood                                      IN       9th

Panian                       Robert                     Wallingford                                      CT      29th

Paoletti                      Bruno                      Southgate                                        MI       330th

Paolino                      Angelo                    North Providence                              RI       6th

Pappaceno                 Louis J.                   Winston Salem                                NC      73rd Wing

Pappas                      John                       New Port Richey                              FL      509th

Paquette                    Dorothy                   North Scituate                                  RI       444th

Paradis                      James L.                 Monmouth                                       ME     40th

Parent                        Edgar S.                 Brooks                                            ME     500th

Parham                      Render T                 Carrollton                                         GA     497th

Paris                          Robert M.                Louisville                                         KY      20th

Park                          Jack L.                    Bakersfield                                      CA      40th

Parker                        Howard                   Fort Collins                                      CO     333rd

Parker                        James A.                Prattville                                          AL      462nd

Parker                        Lewis J.                  Terrell                                              NC      505th

Parker                        Milton                     Galloway                                         NJ      29th

Parker                        Richard E.               Greenfield                                        IN       444th

Parker                        Robert B.                Paris                                               AR      468th

Parker                        Van R.                    Carmichael                                      CA      19th

Parkinson                   Harvey E.                Waupaca                                         WI      498th

Parkinson                   William A.               Goffstown                                        NH      330th

Parkman                    James R.                Surprise                                          AZ      20th

Parks                         Charles W.              Cambridge                                       MD     20th

Parks                         James B.                West Harwich                                  MA     330th

Parks                         James I.                  Vandergrift                                       PA      19th

Parks                         Sam                       Matthews                                        NC      6th

Parks                         Vivian A.                 Midlothian                                        VA      330th

Parkson                     Godrey R.               New Orleans                                    LA      468th

Parnell                       Joseph W                Corsicana                                        TX       509th

Parobeck                   Daniel                     Kettering                                         OH     9th

Parris                         Vernon                    Mount Airy                                       NC      9th

Parrish                       Harry                      Salisbury                                         NC      9th

Parsons                     Charles E.               Steeleville                                        IL        330th

Parsons                     F. A.                       San Bernardino                                CA      73rd Wing

Parsons                     John H.                   Enfield                                             CT      73rd Wing

Parsons                     Mrs. Warren H.        Richmond                                        TX       73rd Wing

Parsons                     Rex H.                    Dayton                                            OH     19th

Paryzek                     Dody                       Fort Worth                                       TX       462nd

Paryzek                     George J.                Cleveland                                         OH     505th

Pascal                       Steve C.                  Brick                                               NJ      40th

Pasheilich                  Paul                        Mansfield                                         OH     333rd

Pasko                        Michael                   Mount Pleasant                                PA      20th

Pasquariello               Donald                    Haskell                                            NJ      468th

Passero                     Bart A.                    San Rafael                                       CA      19th

Passmore                  John J.                    Detroit                                             MI       498th

Patch                         Trudy                      Lexington                                        KY      9th

Paterniti                     Diane                      Jamestown                                      NY      6th

Patland                      Nate                       Peoria                                             AZ      444th

Patrick                       Edward J.                Colorado Springs                              CO     73rd Wing

Patrick                       Thomas G.              Mundelein                                        IL        315th

Patrick                                                     Orange Park                                    FL      19th

Patten                        David I.                    Jonesville                                         LA      509th

Patten                        Thomas D               Mount Dora                                      FL      19th

Patterson                   Chester L.               Lees Summit                                   MO     330th

Patterson                   Francis                   Englewood                                       FL      330th

Patterson                   Hobart D.                Warner Robins                                 GA     468th

Patterson                   Lyle R.                    Naselle                                            WA     19th

Patterson                   Wilbur                     Grove City                                       PA      6th

Patterson, Jr.              Col. John V.            Federal Way                                    WA     444th

Pattillo                       Edna                       Belleview                                         FL      505th

Pattillo                       James L                  Santa Barbara                                 CA      468th 29th Comp

Pattison                     Karl                        Tucson                                            AZ      9th

Patton                        Lloyd E                   Nashville                                          IL        499th

Paul                           Chester E.               Boca Raton                                     FL      40th

Paul                           Howard R.               Memphis                                         TN      315th

Paul                           Ira S.                      Bonaire                                           GA     444th

Paul                           Lowell G.                 Juliette                                            GA     315th

Paule                         Marvin                     Dayton                                            OH     9th

Paulsen                     Bernard W               Lake Placid                                     FL      20th

Pautz                         Vernon                    Northridge                                        CA      462nd

Pavey                        Eugene L.               Indianapolis                                     IN       19th

Pavlesak                    Donald J.                 Sterling Heights                               MI       19th

Pavlik                         Edward J.                Brookings                                        OR     504th

Pawiak                       Chester                   Brooklyn                                          NY      509th

Pawl                          Richard                   Glendale                                          CA      9th

Pawlik                        Alex                        Thornton                                          IL        73rd Wing

Pawlikowski               Dr James                Hoffman Estates                              IL        29th

Pawlikowski               Norman                   Baltimore                                         MD     29th

Pawlyk                       Stephen                  Marion                                             VA      468th

Pax                           Richard J.                Carlyle                                            IL        462nd

Payne                        Conrad R.                Port Richey                                     FL      19th

Payne                        Jack                       Sun City                                          AZ      9th

Payne                        Rosser H                 Jeffersonton                                     VA      499th

Payne                        Ruth                       Plantation                                        FL      505th

Payne                        Sue                        Tyler                                               TX       462nd

Payne                        Tom                        Tulsa                                               OK     40th

Payne                                                      Owaneco                                         IL        19th

Peace                        Thomas                   Aztec                                              NM     6th

Peacock Jr                 James                     Roswell                                           NM     9th

Pearia                        Kenneth                  Wentzville                                        MO     9th

Pearl                          David                      Las Vegas                                       NV      500th

Pearl                          Herbert                    Margate                                           FL      9th

Pearsall                     Earl                        Melbourne                                       FL      9th

Pearson                     Alberto                    Temecula                                        CA      73rd Wing

Pearson                     Charles                   The Plains                                       VA      9th

Pearson                     Charles E.               Galesburg                                        IL        40th

Pearson                     Charles. W.             Bridgeport                                        CT      73rd Wing

Pearson                     Col. Ralph J.            Austin                                             TX       444th

Pearson                     Ivar H.                     Livonia                                             MI       20th

Pearson                     James M.                Murfreesboro                                    TN      500th

Pearson                     Lt Col Henry            Melbourne                                       FL      29th

Pearson                     Marcel                    Spring Park                                     MN     9th

Pechalk                     Carl J                      Youngstown                                     OH     497th

Pechawer                   Fred                        Calumet                                          MI       73rd Wing

Peck                          Louis                      Pleasant Hill                                    IL        468th

Pecoraro                    Joseph                    Ipswich                                            MA     73rd Wing

Pedder                       Colin R.                   Miles City                                        MT      40th

Peden                        Hubert H.                Mobile                                             AL      20th

Pederson                   F. W.                      La Crosse                                        WI      73rd Wing

Pedhayny                   Robert                     Derby                                              KS      29th

Pedroni                      Donald R.                SanRosa                                         CA      497th

Peebles                     Harold                     Sapulpa                                           OK     9th

Peebles                     Wallace                  Marion                                             IL        6th

Peek                          Marvin C.                 Fort Worth                                       TX       444th

Peek                          Trueman H.             Palo Alto                                         CA      468th

Peelle Jr                     Henry                      Sarasota                                         FL      6th

Peirent                       Robert J                  Tewksbury                                       MA     9th

Pejsa                         Arthur J                   Minneapolis                                     MN     444th

Peleckis                     Anthony P.              Philadelphia                                     PA      40th

Pelissier                     Bruce C.                 Whitman                                         MA     20th

Pelissier                     Denny                     Los Angeles                                    CA      29th

Pellegrino                   Francis                   Upper Darby                                    PA      509th

Pelling                       Wesley R                Dearborn                                         MI       19th

Pellish                       Stephen                  Connellsville                                     PA      9th

Pellosie                      John C                    Orlando                                           FL      499th

Pelot                          Mell S.                    Atlanta                                            GA     504th

Pelzer                        Joe H.                     Murphysboro                                    IL        73rd Wing

Pemberton                 Donald                    Browning                                         MT      19th

Pemberton                 James H.                Belton                                             TX       330th

Pena'                         Charlie R.                San Antonio                                     TX       315th

Pendell                      George                    El Paso                                           TX       315th

Pendergast                 Edward                   Salt Lake City                                  UT      6th

Penhallurick               Jos. H.                    Kenmore                                         NY      497th

Penhorwood               Richard                   Huntington                                       WV     9th

Penler                        Eugene                   Green Valley                                    AZ      9th

Penn                          Edward B.               Englewood                                       FL      73rd Wing

Penn                          Ira                           Wichita                                           KS      40th

Penney Jr                   Harold F.                 Orangevale                                      CA      19th

Penniman                   Newell W.               South Hamilton                                MA     504th

Pennini                      Sal                         Wappingers Falls                             NY      9th

Penrod                       Bruce                      Whitman                                         MA     29th

Penrose                     Joseph H.                Port Monmouth                                NJ      505th

Penton                       Austin D.                 Shalimar                                          FL      330th

Pepe                          Anthony J.               Murdock                                          FL      498th

Pepe                          Francis C.               Branford                                          CT      500th

Pepe                          Henry J.                  Tarpon Springs                                 FL      509th

Perez                         Jacob                      Three Rivers                                     TX       509th

Perkins                      Herman                   Sun City                                          AZ      6th

Perkins                      T.C.                        Wellsburg                                        NY      330th

Perkins                      Thos. D.                  Rancho Cordova                               CA      500th

Perlman                     Robert H.                Pensacola                                       FL      19th

Perlongo                    Paul                        Downers Grove                                 IL        505th

Perrette                      Ralph                      Hudson                                           FL      9th

Perron                        Richard                   Falmouth                                         MA     330th

Perry                         Ausman G.              Midwest City                                    OK     19th

Perry                         Charles A.               Harvard                                            MA     509th

Perry                         Donald H.                Sarasota                                         FL      40th

Perry                         Earl                        Titus                                               AL      29th

Perry                         Evelyn                     Wrentham                                       MA     509th

Perry                         Kenneth J.               Milton                                              FL      73rd Wing

Perry                         Lewis                      Jacksonville                                     FL      6th

Perry                         Norman                   Franklin                                           WI      9th

Perry                         Raymond A.            Cotuit                                              MA     462nd

Peschke                    Barney                    Auburn                                            WA     504th

Peszek                      Edwin                     Chicago                                           IL        462nd

Peters                        Kenneth J.               Elmhurst                                         IL        73rd Wing

Peters                        Leonard                   Hermitage                                        AR      73rd Wing

Peters                        Mrs. Delmar            Phoenix                                           AZ      73rd Wing

Peters                        Ronald D.                Fort Walton Beach                           FL      444th

Petersen                    Paul D.                   Saint Paul                                       MN     462nd

Peterson                    Blair                        Nashville                                          TN      498th

Peterson                    George                    Ashton                                            NE      6th

Peterson                    Harold                     Forest Ranch                                   CA      9th

Peterson                    Henry C.                 San Antonio                                     TX       468th

Peterson                    Herb A.                   Saint Albans                                    VT      468th

Peterson                    Jack R.                   Texarkana                                       TX       40th

Peterson                    James O.                Riverside                                         CA      19th

Peterson                    Joseph                    Villa Park                                        CA      29th

Peterson                    Kenneth C.              Menominee                                      MI       509th

Peterson                    Lloyd P.                  Murietta                                           CA      498th

Peterson                    Magnor A.               Vancouver                                       WA     19th

Peterson                    Marty                      Vincennes                                       IN       9th

Peterson                    Melvin A                  Baltimore                                         MD     330th

Peterson                    Melvin O.                 Florence                                          OR     468th

Peterson                    Philip E.                  Lewiston                                          ID       505th

Peterson                    Richard H.               Weaverville                                      CA      19th

Peterson                    Robert J.                 South Lyon                                      MI       497th

Peterson                    Robert M.                Thousand Palms                              CA      505th

Peterson                    Rodney W.              Franklin                                           PA      444th

Peterson                    Shirley M.               Norwalk                                           IA       468th

Peterson                    Stanley                   Mesa                                              AZ      29th

Peterson                    Stanley E.               Cedarpines Park                              CA      19th

Peterson                    Wanda L.                Fort Worth                                       TX       504th

Peterson                    Wesley                   Hilmar                                             CA      509th

Peterson                    Wesley                   Saint Paul                                       MN     29th

Peterson                    William                   Champaign                                      IL        29th

Petoff                         George L.                Des Moines                                     WA     497th

Petras                        John                       Mc Keesport                                    PA      40th

Petrashek                  Richard                   Omaha                                            NE      330th

Petrella                      Donald                    Buffalo                                             NY      9th

Petrik                         Karl H.                    Aurora                                             OH     20th

Petrilack                    Dennis                    Newtown                                         PA      330th

Petrocelli                    Henry                      Warwick                                          RI       6th

Pette                         Paul                        Southampton                                   NY      9th

Pettibone                   Franklin T.               Fort Wayne                                     IN       504th

Pettigrew                    Claude O.                Watkinsville                                     GA     73rd Wing

Pettigrew Jr.               Elliot                       Hendersonville                                  NC      509th

Pettis                         Robert                     Davenport                                        FL      315th

Pettit                         Paul R.                   Richardson                                      TX       509th

Pettit                         Roland                    Villa Ridge                                       IL        505th

Pevc                          Stanley                   New Eagle                                       PA      6th

Pexton                       John R.                   Douglas                                           WY     498th

Pezda                        Chester R.               Chicopee                                         MA     505th

Pezza                        Frank                      Palisade                                          NE      9th

Pfalzgraf                     Dorothy                   Leesburg                                         FL      505th

Pfeffer                        Harold J.                 Glenview                                          IL        39th

Pflederer                    Lyle                        Elgin                                               IL        315th

Pflueger                     Clayton C                Seattle                                            WA     468th

Phalen                       William A.               Ilion                                                 NY      315th

Phillips                       Byron Jack              Bainbridge Island                              WA     73rd Wing

Phillips                       Carthon P.               Austin                                             TX       19th

Phillips                       Charles L.               Riverside                                         CA      498th

Phillips                       David M.                  Chillicothe                                       OH     330th

Phillips                       Howard J.                Louisville                                         KY      315th

Phillips                       Joseph W.               Bergenfield                                      NJ      20th

Phillips                       Lavoy E.                  Ocala                                              FL      19th

Phillips                       Lloyd E.                  Columbia                                         MD     73rd Wing

Phillips                       Lyman                    Tucson                                            AZ      73rd Wing

Phillips                       Otis C.                    Bauxite                                           AR      40th

Phillips                       Victor C.                 Midland                                           MI       73rd Wing

Phillips                       William P.               Port Orchard                                    WA     19th

Philyaw                      Claude B.                Mocksville                                       NC      500th

Piatek                        Edward                   Meriden                                           CT      9th

Piazza                       Joseph                    Elmhurst                                         NY      6th

Piccari                       Anthony L.              Philadelphia                                     PA      20th

Pichola                      Mike                       Williamsport                                    PA      468th

Picioccio                    Charles                   Madison                                          IN       29th

Pickard                      Wallace                  Lake Mills                                        WI      40th

Pickard                      Norman E                Lacey                                              WA     468th

Pickering                    Carmine                  Spring Hill                                        FL      29th

Pickering                    John H.                   PunGorda                                        FL      19th

Pickett                       Ernest A.                Salem                                             OR     468th

Pickrel                       William                   Xenia                                               OH     9th

Pidhayny                    Denny D.                 Los Angeles                                    CA      468th

Piecora                      Angelo                    Floral Park                                       NY      6th

Piepenbring                Frank                      Overland Park                                  KS      315th

Pierce                        James B.                Fairport                                           NY      40th

Pierce                        Maxine                    Wichita                                           KS      40th

Pierce                        Stanley W.              Kentfield                                          CA      500th

Pierce                        Walter E.                Tucson                                            AZ      462nd

Pierozak                    Irma                        Freehold                                          NJ      468th

Pierson                      Sture B.                  Germantown                                    TN      498th

Pietz                          John F                    Apple Valley                                    CA      19th

Pifer                           Finley W.                Sullivan                                           IL        505th

Pilbin                         Walter G                 Glendale                                          AZ      499th

Pile Jr                        Sterling                   Stamford                                         CT      39th

Pileski                       John                       Syracuse                                         NY      9th

Pilling                        Philip                      Anaheim                                          CA      6th

Pilon                          Al                           Houghton Lake                                 MI       73rd Wing

PIMA                         Air & Space             Tucson                                            AZ      330th

Pimm                         Richard D.               Halsey                                            OR     462nd

Pines                         Sam                       Silver Spring                                    MD     330th

Ping                           Marley                    Monroe                                            LA      330th

Pingitore                    George                    Newburgh                                        NY      9th

Pinjuv                         George                    Reno                                               NV      19th

Pinnekamp                 Alice                       Schaller                                           IA       505th

Pinnell                       Mrs. George W.       Clarksburg                                       WV     444th

Piotter                        Vern                       Colorado Springs                              CO     497th

Piper                          Lee E.                     Johnstown                                       OH     315th

Pipkin                        Margaret                 Benson                                           NC      468th

Piraneo                      Angelo S.                Matthews                                        NC      468th

Pisciot                       Angelo                    O Fallon                                          MO     40th

Piteo Jr.                     Benjamin A.            Bristol                                             CT      39th

Pittard                        Richard W.              Tacoma                                           WA     19th

Pitter                         Roy D.                    Palm Springs                                   CA      444th

Pittman                      Dee L.                     Richardson                                      TX       19th

Pittman                      Dewell D                 Bogalusa                                         LA      499th

Pittman                      Lloyd V                   Hagerstown                                     MD     499th

Pittman                      Ralph S.                  Aurora                                             CO     315th

Pitts                          Charles                   Kingston                                          TN      6th

Pitts                          Delwin                     Pinehurst                                         NC      9th

Pitts                          William                   Riverside                                         CA      504th

Pitzen                        Wallace                  Toledo                                             OH     497th

Pizzani                      Mrs. Anthony L.       Haskell                                            NJ      444th

Place                         Burl                        Mesa                                              AZ      505th

Placek                       Denis                      Columbus                                        NE      330th

Plant                          Marvin F.                 Longview                                         WA     468th

Platt                          Mervyn J.                Palm Beach                                     FL      444th

Platt                          Richard                   Myrtle Beach                                   SC      444th

Platte                         Eldo H.                   Tempe                                             AZ      500th

Platz                          Gerhardt                  Greeley                                           CO     9th

Plax                           Joseph                    Sun City                                          AZ      6th

Pletter                        David                      Old Bridge                                       NJ      468th

Ploen                         Harley                     Avoca                                              IA       500th

Plott                          Donald L.                Omaha                                            NE      73rd Wing

Plummer                    Quinton D.               Kingston                                          MI       504th

Plunkett                     John                       Milwaukee                                       WI      9th

Pogorak                     Thomas                   Superior                                          WI      39th

Pohto                         Carl E                     Fair Oaks                                        CA      468th

Pointek                      Stanley A.               Ambridge                                         PA      20th

Polansky                    Charles                   Tampa                                             FL      499th

Polasik                      Leo J.                     Gowanda                                         NY      20th

Polhemus                   Joseph                    Whiting                                           IN       29th

Polisky                      Arnold                     Milwaukee                                       WI      9th

Polite                         O.                           Spring Lake                                     NJ      29th

Politte                        Victor E.                 Herculaneum                                   MO     19th

Polkowski                  Mitchell                   Grand Rapids                                   MI       330th

Pollard                       Edward W.              Altamont                                         NY      40th

Pollard                       Julious A.                Deridder                                          LA      444th

Pollard                       Felix G.                   Redmond                                         WA     504th

Polleys                      Richard                   Middletown                                      OH     29th

Polson                       Hugh C.                  Council Bluffs                                   IA       444th

Pomeroy                    Edwin                     Morristown                                       NJ      6th

Poncik                       Victor J.                  Plano                                              TX       19th

Ponder                       Don J.                     Torrance                                          CA      19th

Ponder                       J. D.                       Fort Worth                                       TX       40th

Ponder                       John L.                    Midland                                           TX       500th

Poole                         Jesse M.                 Indianapolis                                     IN       462nd

Popa                          Dana                       Las Vegas                                       NV      499th

Pope                          Bruce W.                Centerville                                        TN      468th

Pope                          Claude                    Connersville                                     IN       504th

Pope                          Richard A.               New Vienna                                     OH     315th

Pope                          Robert C.                Quakertown                                     PA      500th

Pope                          William                   Las Vegas                                       NV      9th

Poploski                     Stanley                   Green Bay                                       WI      40th

Poprik                        Dr Michael               Fayetteville                                      NC      9th

Porcaro                      Joseph                    Brooklyn                                          NY      29th

Porcu                         Samuel                   Ansonia                                           CT      315th

Portegys                    John E.                   Waukegan                                       IL        40th

Porteous                    Robert W.               North Hollywood                               CA      20th

Porter                        Carl V.                    Los Angeles                                    CA      444th

Porter                        Glen                       Woodstock                                      IL        39th

Porter                        Raymond A.            Kirkwood                                         MO     73rd Wing

Porter                        Roy                        Millport                                            AL      9th

Post                          Howard H                Chippewa Falls                                WI      6th

Postman                    John                       Kingman                                          AZ      9th

Poston                       Denzil                     Panama City                                    FL      444th

Poteet                        Terry                       Ozark                                              AL      462nd

Potter                        Robert W.               Ocean Springs                                 MS     462nd

Potterfield                   Peter                      Seattle                                            WA     504th

Pottetti                       Alex B.                   Jefferson                                          NY      462nd

Potts                         J. Ivan                     Shelbyville                                       TN      40th

Potts                         Morris E.                 Mulberry                                          FL      505th

Pouder                       Clair                        Oklahoma City                                 OK     9th

Pound                        Charles                   Armonk                                           NY      498th

Pounds                      Mrs. Orville              Winfield                                           IA       73rd Wing

Pountney                   Dorothy                   Kansas City                                     MO     9th

Povick                        George                    Seattle                                            WA     6th

Powdermaker             F.                           Newton                                            MA     73rd Wing

Powell                        Malen                     Cheyenne                                        WY     468th

Powell                        Marge                     Hope                                               AR      505th

Powell                        Paul W.                  Smyrna                                           DE      315th

Powell                        Ray                        La Mesa                                          CA      9th

Powers                      William J.                Wheaton                                         IL        73rd Wing

Powers                      Gene                      Redmond                                         OR     9th

Powers Jr.                  Jack                       Midland                                           TX       444th

Powley                       Vera                       Greece                                            NY      73rd Wing

Pownall                      Wilco A.                  Romney                                          WV     40th

Powner                      Leslie                      Fairoaks                                          PA      6th

Pozarich                    Nick                        Seatac                                            WA     19th

Pozdol                       Alphonse F              Beverly Hills                                     MI       499th

Pranulis                     John J.                    Butler                                              PA      444th

Prather.                      Ina K.                      Owenton                                          KY      505th

Pratt                          Perry                      Harrisonville                                     MO     9th

Praxel                        Anthony                  Sacramento                                     CA      9th

Preece                       William B.               Tomball                                           TX       73rd Wing

Prehoda                     Jennie                     Flint                                                MI       9th

Prehoda                     Eugene C.               Bend                                               OR     40th

Preiss                        Harold                     Deerfield Beach                                FL      330th

Preister                      George                    Sun Valley                                       CA      468th

Premici                      Enrico                     Reading                                           PA      9th

Prescott                     Joseph                    Oakland                                          TN      29th

Pressgrove                 Clarence                 Greenacres                                      FL      6th

Presswood                 Clarence                 Longview                                         TX       6th

Prestebak                  Gordon E.               Rogers                                            AR      468th

Prestia                       Arthur B.                 Mission                                           KS      330th

Preston                      Denny C.                 Phoenix                                           AZ      19th

Prey                          Ralph J.                  Inglewood                                        CA      462nd

Price                          Edward W.              Orange                                            CA      498th

Price                          Gerald A.                Owensboro                                      KY      330th

Price                          Glenn T                   Yountville                                         CA      40th

Price                          Lenora                    Pyote                                              TX       19th

Price                          Ray H.                    Troy                                                MO     505th

Price                          W. J.                      Pawnee City                                    NE      73rd Wing

Price Jr.                     James N.                Corpus Christi                                  TX       509th

Pride                          Walter E.                South Plainfield                                NJ      330th

Priepot                       Warren                    Winchester                                      IL        40th

Priest                         James                     Port Charlotte                                  FL      9th

Prifti                                                         Arlington                                          VA      19th

Prillaman                    Norwood H.             Everman                                          TX       330th

Prim                          William T.                Alpharetta                                        GA     330th

Prince                        Bradford H.              Albuquerque                                    NM     40th

Prince                        Charlton I.               Pittsford                                          NY      20th

Prince                        Harold H.                 Pottstown                                        PA      504th

Prince                        John A.                   Murfreesboro                                    TN      498th

Prince                        R.I. Doc                  Lakeland                                         FL      509th

Prine                          Louis                      Chula Vista                                      CA      9th

Prior                          Gregory P.              Birmingham                                     MI       462nd

Prior                          John R.                   Birmingham                                     MI       462nd

Pritchard                    Jack                       York                                                PA      20th

Pritchard Jr.                John                       Emporia                                          VA      6th

Pritt                           Sol                         Margate                                           FL      39th

Pritz                          William F.               Elk Grove Village                              IL        504th

Probandt                    F B                         Temecula                                        CA      29th

Proctor                       Lester                     Danville                                           CA      9th

Proctor                       Wayne                    Clyde                                              MI       19th

Profet                         Fred                        Brooklyn                                          NY      505th

Proft                          William                   Green Valley                                    AZ      315th

Prouse                       Paul                        Medford                                           MA     29th

Prout                         Charles H. (Herb)     Boulder Creek                                  CA      509th

Prouty                        Robert V.                Fairfax                                             VA      19th

Provano                      Hugo A.                  Atlanta                                            GA     444th

Prunuske                   Edward G.               Appleton                                          WI      73rd Wing

Prusick                      Walter J.                 Ambridge                                         PA      468th

Pruter                        Frank                      Couer D Alene                                 ID       315th

Ptashinski                  Chester                   Tarzana                                           CA      315th

Puffenbarger               James E.                Bridgewater                                     VA      73rd Wing

Pugliano                     John S                    Turtle Creek                                     PA      9th

Pugmire                     Glen                       Maggie Valley                                  NC      462nd

Pugsley                     Edwin                     Bella Vista                                       AR      315th

Pulido                        Joseph A.                North Myrtle Beach                          SC      40th

Pulsfort                      Charles                   Crestview Hills                                 KY      9th

Pumphery                  Ben                        Carlisle                                            KY      9th

Puppo                        Robert J.                 San Jose                                         CA      444th

Purcell                       Donald                    Corona                                            CA      9th

Purchase                   Wayne L                 Albuquerque                                    NM     499th

Purdum                      Richard L.               Bellevue                                          NE      19th

Purdy                         Roger                      Novato                                             CA      333rd

Purdy                         William T.                Lewes                                             DE      497th

Putnam                      Col James               Herndon                                          VA      29th

Putnam                      Esther                     Lakeview                                         OH     29th

Putnum                      Allan E.                   Albuquerque                                    NM     509th

Puttrich                      John T.                    Chicago                                           IL        19th

Putz                          Alex L.                    Tinley Park                                      IL        315th

Pyles                         Robert                     Palm Springs                                   CA      9th



If you would like for information on a particular veteran on the list and are a veteran or related family member, please contact me at the e-mail below to request the full address of the veteran

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